Securing Your Future – An Event with Pierre Poilievre

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Please join us for this special event with Pierre Poilievre, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Carleton. Currently he serves as Shadow Minister for Jobs and Industry.  We are co-hosting this cross-Canada event with the EDAs of Calgary – Signal Hill, Kootenay-Columbia, and Kenora.


Participation is FREE for members.  You can renew your expired membership or join the Party as a new member on the Party’s website using the following link.  Click Here to Renew Your MembershipBe sure to pre-register for this event as early as possible using the following link.  Click Here to Register for the Event

While the event is free for our members, we would be grateful for your donation.  A donation by cheque or by the link below to “Thunder Bay – Rainy River Conservative Association” is a donation to the grassroots of the Conservative Party of Canada.  We are very thankful for every donation received, whether $5 or $1,650.  Rest assured that your donation will make a real difference towards our readiness for the next election.

We will, of course, issue you a tax receipt.  A generous federal tax credit of 75% is provided on annual contributions up to $400.  That means, for example, the true after-tax cost of a $400 contribution can be just $100.  Click Here to Donate to Our Local Association

If you need further information or have questions about the event, you can contact us by email at


Michael D. Ballantyne – President, Thunder Bay – Rainy River Conservative Association