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Thunder Bay-Rainy River is a federal electoral district in Ontario, Canada, that has been represented in the Canadian House of Commons since 2004. It first elected a member in the 2006 Canadian federal election.

It was created in 2003 from parts of Kenora-Rainy River and Thunder Bay-Atikokan ridings.

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If you wish to be a board member or otherwise volunteer for your local EDA please contact one of the board members or download the PDF (you should download and save the form to your device before you attempt to fill it out.)

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Association Candidates

Candidate of Record in the Recent 44th Federal Election, 20 September 2021

Previous Candidates of Record
Adelina Peccia 2021
Linda Rydholm 2019
Maureen Comuzzi-Stehmann 2015, 2011
Richard Neuman 2008
David Leskowski 2006, 2004

Since the amalgamation of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada with the Canadian Alliance Party in 2004.

Updates from the Association

Seafood Boil FINAL June 24-1

The two federal Conservative riding associations - Thunder Bay Rainy River and Thunder Bay Superior North - are hosting the First Annual Seafood Fundraiser Dinner on Thursday, July 20.  Atlantic Snow Crab is featured this year - a novel meal where we live!


We are excited to have MP Damien Kurek from Alberta as our guest speaker.  His background regarding agriculture, the environment and ethics are all relevant to Canada’s future.


Come eat, listen and socialize with fellow Conservatives!


Linda Rydholm and Jordan Erickson

Board Presidents

Membership Information

Membership is handled by the conservative party of Canada, please visit their website at https://donate.conservative.ca/membership/

NOTE: As of January 1, 2022, the maximum allowable contribution to a registered Canadian political party increases to $1,675 annually. Accordingly, we will now accept donations of this amount through our website. The maximum possible tax credit remains $650.00. For more information about donations and tax credits, please visit the CRA website and Elections Canada.

General Membership Terms and Conditions

* Membership is available to Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada at least 14 years of age, who actively support the founding principles of the Conservative Party of Canada.
* Membership fees are not eligible for a tax receipt.
* Cash, Pre-paid Credit Cards or Business Cards are not accepted.

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