Leadership 2020

Keep up to date on the leadership contest by visiting the official website, https://cpc-leadership2020.ca/.

Here are the categories of recognized leadership candidates and what each one means:

Leadership Entry Requirements

Status DUE Fee Compliance Signatures Notes
Approved Applicant Jan 12-Feb. 27 $25,000 $0 1,000 A person that applies, meets the first instalment requirements, and application is accepted. CPC Provides: EC Certification, Directed Contributions, Donation and Members Sites
Authorized Contestant At time criteria is met $50,000 $100,000 2,000 An Approved Applicant that has met the next instalment requirements. CPC Provides: active and historical member and voter list. Access to official Forums and debates
Verified Candidate 25-Mar $200,000 $100,000 3,000 An Authorized Contestant that has paid full registration fee, entire compliance deposit, and submitted all required signatures of endorsement. Verified Candidates have secured their name on the Leadership ballot.


Here is the final list of possible candidates with their current status (in alphabetical order of surname, as, that is how they will appear on the ballot, if they end up on the ballot):


LEWIS, Leslyn (authorized contestant) – http://www.leslynlewis.ca/

MACKAY, Peter (verified candidate) – https://petermackay.ca/en-CA/

O’TOOLE, Erin (verified candidate) – https://erinotoole.ca/

SLOAN, Derek (authorized contestant) – https://www.dereksloan.ca/

The new leader will be announced after 21st August 2020 in Toronto.