P.O. Box 29011, Thunder Bay, ON, P7B5K5

Policy Meeting, A.G.M. and Introduction of Federal Election Candidate

Tuesday, 26th February, 2019, beginning at 4:30 pm.

Location: Thunder Bay Museum, 425 Donald St. E., Gallery
All events will take place on the second floor.

4:30 pm. Local Policy and Constitution Meeting: Joanne Norlund-Carroll, Policy Chair and member of the National Policy Committee, will review local policy and constitutional amendments put forward for the National Convention in 2018, commenting on possible reasons why some passed and some failed. A forward-looking perspective will be included. Guests can join the Party at the door and participate in the Policy Workshop, the same day. Enter the draw for door prizes.

5:30 pm. Food and beverages can be found as a buffet in the Murphy Room. Come with an appetite, fill your plate and return to the Gallery.

6:00 pm. Annual General Meeting, chaired by Tom Baxter, President.
• Reports and presentations on the 2018-2019 year.
• Election of a New Board
• Short Meeting of the New Board of Directors.

7:15 pm. New Candidate Announcement: Mike Ballantyne, Chair, Candidate Nomination Committee.
Mike will introduce the new candidate for Thunder Bay Rainy River Conservative EDA, preparing for the election in October, 2019.

Afterwards we will continue enjoying the food and beverages and visit with fellow conservatives.

A Word About Memberships and Donations
If you wish to join, renew membership or make a donation at the meeting you can only do so with a personal cheque, or a credit card. Cash cannot be accepted. Access to the Party website for memberships will be available at the meeting. Tax receipts for donations are made for any amount over $20.00.

Thank you.
Tom Baxter