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maureen comuzzi-stehmannMoe Comuzzi

Moe is a passionate citizen of Thunder Bay, Ontario, an accomplished business professional, and a community leader with a solid track record of getting things done. She has been providing for families as an employer for over twenty-five years.

Through her various business ventures Moe has gained valuable experience managing staffs ranging from four to over one hundred and fifty, providing the employees and their families with a safe and stable work environment. Moe wants to bring that stability to Thunder Bay-Rainy River, and will do so by maintaining a high standard of business practices, tough decision making, and balancing the priorities of businesses and families.

Moe grew up in Thunder Bay and has lived and worked in cities around the world before coming back to make her home here. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, with a minor in Women’s Studies, from Lakehead University, and has obtained industry recognized certification for dealership management.


Doris R. Comuzzi
NE: Doris R. Duke

George W. Comuzzi (deceased)

Anthony D. Stehmann
Ran for Provincial Conservative Party 1990
Ran for Federal Conservative Party in 1994

William Comuzzi-Gregorash

Charlene A. Comuzzi

George W. Comuzzi Jr.
Michael B. Comuzzi

Family History in Local Business

Grandparents Maimie and William Duke owned and operated Duke’s Trailer Court in Shuniah Township, Ontario.

Lakehead motors ltd. 1927 to present
Candido Comuzzi (deceased)
George W. Comuzzi (deceased)
Doris R. Comuzzi (retired)
Michael B. Comuzzi, Owner/Operator

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